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       Huaibei Sen carbon adsorbent Co., Ltd., located in Huaibei City, Duji District Economic Development Zone, complete function, location, covers an area of 40000 square meters. Advanced equipment, strong technical force, under the active carbon Research Institute, and in Ningxia, Shanxi, with even the camp. Is a science and technology, development and production and integration of emerging technology companies. The production of charcoal, sawdust, shell, coal as raw materials, the use of advanced production technology. Production of a variety of specifications of the activated carbon adsorbent, quality.

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Huaibei Sen carbon adsorbent Co., Ltd

Address: Anhui province Huaibei City Duji DistrictWang Pang Industrial Park Development Road No. 6

Consultation hotline:+86+561+3915333

Contact person:Mr. Chen


Mail:[email protected]

Huaibei Sen carbon adsorbent Co., Ltd     Copyrig[email protected]
National free service phone:+86+561+3915333   Fax:+86+561+3915757  Mail:[email protected]
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